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[IP] what is lancet change day?

Tammy wrote:
>What is this?  Are you talking about the little lancet in the thing you 
>blood sugars with?  I saw a post about this a couple months ago.  YOu all
>were talking about how often you change the lancet.  These little things 
>the most inexpensive part of diabetic supplies - don't you all change it
>almost every time you check blood sugars?  Some of you talked like you used
>it for months.  Are we talking about the same thing here?  Tammy


I believe that lancet change day is July 4th (I missed it last year because 
I was traveling, so I will make sure to be prepared the next time it comes 

But, seriously, it is not about the money.  It is about having to jump 
through so many hoops just to keep my food from slowly killing me that if 
there is one that I can skip, by all means, I will do it.  I have definately 
gone for over a year without changing my lancet (more than once) and it just 
doesn't make a darned bit of difference to my diabetes control or anything 
else.  You're talking about changing that thing 12 to 15 times a day.  Over 
a lifetime, that adds up to some serious time and annoyance.


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