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Re: [IP] carb/ratios???

> Original message from From: Samantha & Charles Ritter abut gettting ready
to meet with the endo.
>  Subject: Re: [IP] carb/ratios???

>  Reply From: email @ redacted
> .........so what I would say you should focus on is getting really good at
carb counting ...

I use a cookbook program to calculate my carbs. I then store my meal
"recipe" for later reference. If say one of your son's favorite lunches was
a pbj, grapes, some potato chips, and a glass of milk, I would create a
recipe called PBJ Lunch and for the ingredients, I would put 2 slices white
bread, 2 T jelly, 2 T peanut butter, 1/2 cup grapes, 1 oz potato chips, 8 oz
2% milk. The program has the carbs for tons of items so you do not have to
enter them. If you happen to use an "ingredient' that is not in the program,
you can add ingredients and input the carbs so that it will be available in
future recipes/meals.

The first time I spoke with my endo about a pump, he was not all that
enthused. I did not know enough at that time to push it so I let it drop.
After attending a health expo for diabetics in Baltimore a few weeks ago, I
decided I definitely would benefit from a pump. I wrote him a letter
outlining my reasons and faxed it to him along with my latest numbers. His
nurse called back an hour later and to tell me that he also thought I would
benefit from a pump. Had he disagreed, I was prepared to find another endo.
I'd be happy to send you a copy of my letter if you think you are going to
need arguments of persuasion. The major 2 were to be able to dose in
fractions of a unit and to cut out basal during exercise.

I too am getting the Cozmo. On October 30th, there is going to be a "chat"
hosted by Jenny Sutherland on the Deltec Cozmo.

Good luck
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