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Re: [IP] carb/ratios???

To start with, I wouldn't worry about trying to figure out a carb ratio at 
this point.  Your Endo  will (should) help you with setting & refining your 
son's basal rates and carb ratios, as well as correction factor (how many 
units/tenths of units to give in order to get a certain drop in BG level when 
he is high) when you start pumping.  

It sounds like you are already keeping great logs, so what I would say you 
should focus on is getting really good at carb counting (and recording that 
in your log, too).   being good at carb counting is essential for successful 
pumping.  In fact, at our clinic, they require you to keep several days of 
detailed food logs (plus BGs, doses, etc.) to prove that you have gotten a 
handle on carb counting prior to pump start . . . If you need some 
recommendations for where to go for info on carb counting, just let us know.  
If you have a dietician that you've worked with in the past, s/he should be 
able to give you all the info you need.  Good luck!

Pumpmama to Katie
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