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Re: [IP] I started pumping 10/10/02

    Pumping Insulin is a great book. Read it, work through the numbers to
get familiar with how things work like Insulin to Carb Ratios, Correction
Factors, and Basal Rates.
    I figured out my own Basal Rate which was .1 unit per hour lower than
what my CDE started me with. However, I had some mild lows at the 1.1 unit
per hour rate so what did a CDE tell me? Yep, drop it .1 unit per hour!
    Read, read, read, and read some more. Then whatever makes absolutely no
sense ask here in IP. Then go read some more. Watch the video that you
already should have about the pump you chose at least twice. I know that the
video comes with the pump, but my CDE gave me one early.
    And don't get uptight about using the pump. Think of it as a neat
pre-filled syringe that is flexible and stays under the skin. And this
pre-filled syringe remembers to give you your background insulin while you
remember to tell it how much insulin to give for your meals and high BG's.
    When you get the pump push the buttons! That is what they are there for.
Hold it in your hand and work through every option until you know it forward
and backward. Of course make sure you aren't hooked up to the pump while
play programming!

Good Luck!
Cody S. Alderson

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> What all did you do to prepare for the big day. Any
> reading? I have ordered Pumping Insulin. Any >recommendations would be
greatly appreciated.
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