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[IP] Gained weight, lost weight

I wanted to mention when I first started the pump in august 2002. I had 
gained 10 lbs, very unlike me. I realized I had so much freedom from 
injecting myself everytime I ate. I began to eat all the time.
I then read an email from a fellow pumper that said she ate only when hungry, 
and gave herself exact doses top the point .01 measurement. The very next day 
I began to do the same thing, I easily lost 6-7 lbs in one week!!! Amazing! I 
went out a bought a book call Calorie counters, you can get it on 
Calorieking.com. It tells what is in everything you eat, lots of reastaurants 
I had to share because I cut my insulin inatke daily almost in half, by doing 
Any questions, feel free to ask me.
Email: email @ redacted

Heidi H.
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