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[IP] Dauna/Chat

On 10/13/02 12:11 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Re: Sunday night chat
> Hi
> I'll be there. I'm sure the chat will be lively as we share our memories of
> Dauna, who went to sleep Friday night and did not wake up. She was a pixie
> with a mischeivious smile and an ever-present twinkle in her eye. There is a
> group of us who gets together every summer and she was the
> water-balloon-fight instigator; the one most likely to pour ice water down
> your back; the one who threatened to throw cherry bombs into the toilets of
> the cabins. She had a heart that encompassed all of life, and she lived her
> life more fully than anybody I know-- as if she somehow knew she wouldn't
> have a long life to live. She was 39 (and acted about 13 lol). When she would
> pull one of her shenanigans, she would give an innocent look and say, "But
> I'm an angel." She surely is an angel now.
> Jan and Elvis

She gave me quite a few phrases in IM's and in chat which I use everyday. I
never could get out to meet her in person, but through cards and emails,
IM's and chat, she was a pretty big influence in my early IP days.
I'll be there too. I loved her because she was so cool!....Still is cool,
and it's nice to know we have an Angel who knows our names.

Jennifer L. Sutherland
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