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[IP] Doggy betics

On 10/13/02 1:31 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

>> i wonder why yur dog
>> likes his shots so much... maybe he knows that they will make him feel
>> better? would that i had
>> such a good attitude =)
> Until they had to put her to sleep from Cancer recently,  we helped
> give our neighbors dog twice daily injections of regular.    The hubby
> could do it,  but his wife couldn't and he often worked late.
> Muffy was a 12yr old schnauzer at diagnosis.   After about a month
> of shots she actually was happy to receive them as she seemed to
> know she'd feel better soon-----and get fed  :)

This is, I feel the main reason for ?Conan liking his shots.....He gets a
treat right after it.

When he first came here he wouldn't let anybody mess with his feet. The vet
had to muzzle him whilst clipping his nails. I got him one evening because
he caught a long nail on my jean seam and yipped. I grabbed the clippers
brought ti up and clipped it off. I then gave him a liver treat. I did it
again, and soon he got over the fear, and I save money by clipping them
myself....He is very food motivated and now that he associates these acts
with a treat he's all over me to let me do things for him.

He is still a growley dogger, but while sounding so mean, the tail and bum
are wagging furiously! When you reach to pet him, he rolls right onto his
back for a belly rub.

Talk about stress relief! If you go to my wyldcelt site, and click onto the
my family link to the left of my picture, you'll see all my dogs. Conan's
the black pommie with the gray muzzle.

-- I have an iBook and am not afraid to use it!

Jenny Sutherland
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