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[IP] Need to vent a little

Hi, it's me again.  The name is Tina Duncan and I didn't realize that when I
posted something that it came up under "Richard's Steakhouse" my place of
business, my home away from home and where my computer lives.  I also didn't
realize that I didn't sign my name or identify myself in any way.... see I
told you I was having a bad day.  Something must be going on, been having
outrageous highs today.... again.  Can't wait to see what transpires in the
next day or so but I know something's coming.  I was a little nauseous last
night but I think that was more from the highs then anything.  I did throw up
twice last night and actually felt better.  (Imagine that).  In the last 24
hours I have bolused more insulin than I normally use in 3 days.  I've changed
my sight twice just in case it wasn't working.  I do have a little fever today
but no aches or pains to speak of and my stomach feels fine.  So far, no
ketones!  I have absolutely no appetite, in fact I forced myself to eat a
sandwich today.  I've drank enough fluids to sink a ship because I know when
every whatever it is that is going on hits, I don't want to get dehydrated!
Weird.... but then again.... that's diabetes.  Have a good day and THANKS for
being here when I need to be heard!  Regards.... Tina
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