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Re: [IP] Blood Glucose Watch --- not Glucowatch

I read the book and saw the movie. In the movie it
appears that it is supposed to be showing her bg
reading, given the mother's reaction (trying to find
something for her to eat and later, getting her
glucagon kit). The watch looks like my daughter's Cadex
medical alert watch, not a GlucoWatch although it looks
like it serves the same purpose (but fyi, there is
nothing else like the GlucoWatch in the works out there
by another company, according to Dr. Eastman, the
Medical Director of Cygnus). However, in the book it is
supposed to be a pulse meter of some sort (why I don't
know, but the book says she isn't supposed to be
stressed at all and the watch checks her pulse - maybe
she also had Addison's disease? Maybe the writer saw
something about the GlucoWatch in their research and
thought it was to detect the pulse. Who knows.)

Take care, Kerri
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Barbara said:
We rented the movie "Panic Room"  tonight.   In it the
daugter is wearing
a watch (rather cute looking)  that is supposed to be
taking readings
of her blood sugars.    It also alarms when she is
low.    Much smaller
and nicer looking than the Glucowatch which appears to
be quite bulky.

Is there another watch out there that I don't know
about?   Or was this
supposed to be a generic version of the Glucowatch?
Or were they just
doing something that would visually let the viewer
watch her blood sugars
to add anxiousness to the movie without knowing such a
watch really
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