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H E L P, please.  I have been on a Dana pump for 6 months and have had pretty good control.  Basal was 1.2 and boluses were 4, 6, 4, and I was running good numbers.  Now the endo and the CDE decided because of other problems to take me off Actos.  So now I am on 2.0 basal, 7, 9, 7 bolus and last night after a dinner of tomato basil soup then some raw carrots, celery, and cauliflower, and a small hard roll to dunk in the soup, I tested at 412 before bed.  Took extra insulin [Humalog] to bring me down and I am at 178 and feel lousy.  I am insulin resistant and carb resistant and am using a 1 to 6 ratio for carbs.  I want to be back in the good control I had, my last A1C was 6.2.  Any suggestions? 

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