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Re: [IP] Just need to vent a little

This is a little off the topic but I would like to vent a little as well. I've
only been a diabetic for 6 yrs and I get very sick of it as well. I get more
sick of it these days because I am pregnant. I've been waking up at 3 am each
morning for over 2 months, doing 8-10 blood tests a day, calling my diabetic
doctor every day, seeing my OBGYN every 2 wks and in 4 wks I'll have to go and
see them every week. I've seen a heart doctor for the baby and numerous other
specialists to make sure that my baby is going well. So far though, the hard
work is paying off, especially being on the pump. My baby is developing well
and my last HBA1C was 5.8. The one before that was 8.0 and before that it was
10.0 so I'm rather pleased with the results. I keep telling myself though each
time I feel like giving up and that it's hopeless that I'm doing this for my
child more then anything and even though it looks hopeless a times, overall,
so far it doesn't seem to be since my A1C was very good and my baby is well.
The last pregnancy I had was awful as well and we've decided that this will be
our last child. It's certainly no fun and not easy being a pregnant diabetic
(not that it's ever easy being a diabetic) but I look at it like this, I get
to see my baby every 2 wks through the ultrasound and even though it's a
hassle seeing all these specialists, at least I know that my baby is doing
well and my diabetes is doing well.

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