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[IP] Doorknobs, foreheads and things that go bump in the night ..

 From the archives in 1998:

In over 2+ (now 6+) years, I only "forcibly removed" a Tender set once. 
I hooked the tubing while rushing to change clothes, and pulled out the 
base. Since I only had to replace the base portion, it was not a major 

The tape on the back of the Tenders has always held very well for me, 
without any added site preparation or taping down. It's very similar to 
Hypafix (may actually be the same tape), which also sticks to me very 

Total score for <various sets> in 6 + years of pumping:

Changing pants too fast - Pants won, Tender lost. had to replace base 
portion of Tender.
Bathroom doorknob - Tender won, swung door, hit me in head. My head 
lost that contest. Dent is still evident. (Some comments from fellow 
list members in 1998 agree that I look like an Edsel when viewed in dim 
Bathroom cabinet - Tender won, cabinet lost. Entire contents of drawer 
spilled on floor. Tubing was fine, rest of my morning was lousy <vbg>
Walking down fairway while golfing with pump trailing behind me - 
Tender and pump both won. No harm to either.

Bob Burnett

My good friend Sam had to continue asking questions:

 >And, I was going to ask whether the doorknob survived. Some of
 >us are more hard-headed than others...  :-}

Ah, yes, the doorknob survived.

I learned my lesson the first time. The second time this happened (I 
didn't say I learned my lesson well), I recognized that I had once 
again caught my pump tubing on the doorknob. I knew instinctively that 
the door was going to very quickly smack me midst the forehead. I 
already had a dent there, didn't need another. Clever pumper that I am, 
I "smartly ducked back quickly", just in time for the doorknob to hit 
me in a part of the anatomy which really didn't want a doorknob smacked 

I think I've finally learned to check for loose tubing prior to running 
around the house. I've also seriously considered replacing all the
doorknobs and drawer knobs with velcro <vbg>

Bob Burnett
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