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[IP] renewing driver license & vision test

Hello all,
I received my notice to renew my driver's license.  This time it includes a
new photo (thank goodness!) & a vision test.  I have some loss of peripheral
vision in both eyes from the long ago lasers & vitrectomies.

 I know in the past, they flashed white lights on the side to check if you can
see them.  I'm worried if I don't scan my eyes left & right fast enuf I may
miss them & then wouldn't be able to renew.  Do they still flash the lights?
Do the tests vary by state?  Any suggestions?  The DMV knows of my diabetes,
the doc fills out the forms every few years...

After 1 vitrectomy, I was temporarily blind in one eye & the eye doc said
driving's ok.  Scared me to drive that way tho, so I didn't.  I figure there
are others have vision in only 1 eye, (whether related to DM or not,) and they
still drive.

(For those who worry about my driving safely, let me assure you...
I am a very vigilant in my driving.  I don't drive at night anymore, stay off
freeways, etc...)

Thanks in advance,
type 1; diagnosed 1966;  pumping 1/01
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