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[IP] Fw: your profile in insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #693

 Hi Wayne,

 Welcome aboard the IP site.  It is a good place to share thoughts with
diabetics.   I've been IDDM 22 years, pumping 6 years, also on Novalog
asparte with a ratio of 1 unit of insulin for every 3 grams CHO in the
morning and 1 unit insulin for every 4 grams CHO later in the day.

 Like you, I'm also technically orientated with a B.S., M.S. and a MBA.
My whole career was spent working for, and consulting to, medical device
companies.  I worked on hundreds of projects in many different countries.
Therefore, I'm always curious why people choose one make/model pump over the
others. Out of the five or six makes and about eight models of pumps
available, why did you choose the Paradyme?  Did you comparison shop, accept
a recommendation, were you convinced by a salesman, by your diabetic
educator, your endocrinologist, or how?

 If you haven't already done so, acquire a copy of "Pumping Insulin" by John
Walsh and Ruth Roberts.  It is like having your own diabetic educator by
your side at all times for $19.95.  You can purchase it through the IP site,
Amazon, or directly through John's web page  www.diabetesmall.net   There is
a lot of information about the different pumps on his site.

 I was given a very small modem, about the size of my forefinger and thumb
touching, that automatically calls an 800 number and downloads the data with
a small cable from my blood glucose meter.  Likewise, this modem reads the
data stored in my pump and downloads it from the built-in IR port on my
insulin pump.  Then, at the other end {near San Diego) it immediately does
all kinds of stastics and graphing of my data and makes it available to me,
my diabetic care person(s) and anyone else that I provide my password
including any ER that I might be taken to.  That has happened to me.  My
complete medical file is on line, plus my latest insulin doses and glucose
readings charts are sent back via a secure Internet link.  This service is
free to any diabetic whose doctor will agree to utilize the service.  There
is neither a charge to the diabetic nor the doctor.  The diabetic using this
service doesn't even have to own or know how to use a computer.

 Best regards and keep those A1c's low.
 Auburn, WA near Seattle

 >Wayne R Porr < email @ redacted >

 >   I have just started using a MiniMed Paradigm pump
 >as of 09/30/02. I use 50-60 units of Novolog ASPARTE
 >every day with a ratio of 1 unit of insulin for 10 grams of

 >   I was diagnosed at age 47 and have had diabetes for
 >the last 5 years (1997).
 >   Since I am scientific minded with MS in Theoretical
 >Physics and being an Information Technology Management
 >Consultant specializing in Computer Systems Performance
 >Measurement, managing diabetes with the pump and an
 >intensive care therapy regimen is like an additional project.
 >Others might find this process a drag. I find it interesting,
 >challenging and a natural fit into my lifestyle and the way I
 >think diabetes should be managed.

 >I would like to share thoughts with others about pumping and
 >feel through my personal and professional experiences that I
 >can contribute greatly to the knowledge pool.

 >I know that I can also pick up some pointers from others.
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