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Re: [IP]Diabetic plans to walk to south pole to raise money

I was raised to believe that Diabetes should not limit the goals

>that I have in my life. It should be a consideration though while


Dear Michael,

Have you ever considered speaking to children with diabetes?  Especially
newly diagnosed children?  My daughter has not even been diagnosed for 1
year yet (January will be the 1 year mark), and through all of her
emotions, I have stressed that she cannot allow this disease to control
her life, that she must control the disease and get on with her life.  I
preach to her about the importance of constant blood glucose monitoring,
have fought the school (and still fighting the school) on her behave to
allow her to test in the classroom, among other things (she is testing in
the classroom at this point).  I will not settle for less where my
children are concerned and hopefully in the process, she is learning to
do the same for herself.  I am very proud of her accomplishments, she is
a cheerleader (who made team captain) and a dancer.  Diabetes does not
mean limiting yourself, it means monitoring yourself and knowing your
reactions to activities, a! nd then properly careing for those
reactions.  My daughter has come a very long way in 10 months (we all
have) and I am proud of her, and I think it is so important that she
knows that people with diabetes do not have to limit their dreams or
desires, they just have to take more precautions and be sensible.  I
applaud this man, and I applaud all diabetics who get off of their duffs
and want to do something about it!  Thank you.


Cindy, pump mom to Jessy (8) dx 1/02, Julie (4)non diab. and Trevor
(1)non diab.


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