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Re: [IP] The Way it Is

> Ellie - the ant/grasshopper story may be disgusting to you but it's the
> and if the truth hurts, so be it.  This is what America has become.  And
> not out of line at all.  Tammy

i question whether or not it is "the truth", or whether it is simply what
some people believe is the truth.
i know that many of the americans here believe that the "grasshopper" who
didn't work doesn't deserve any kindness or support.  but this canadian
believes that the "grasshopper" has been rather badly stereotyped, and isn't
always a drug abusing, freeloading good for nothing.  i feel as much pity
for the person on welfare as i do for the person working long hours at a
minimum wage job, since the vast majority of both don't want to be in that
situation - they'd both (majority of both) would rather have the good job
with the benefits so they can pay their taxes, feed the kids, and have their
pride.  i respect both the hard working minimum wage earner and the hard
working high wage earner, since hard work and honesty is to be respected.  i
also respect the ones on welfare, since i know that most have been employed
before having to go on social assistance.  i also respect the welfare
recipients since they could be anyone, including myself.
anyway, as a diabetic/person with diabetes, and as someone who looks at
today's health care system and is fearful for the future of said system, i
don't have any problem with the idea of everyone in the provinces and the
country contributing to the health care system so that everyone, whether or
not they have contributed (or whether or not they have been able to
contribute) can have access to it.   i held this belief before i developed
diabetes, and i stick by it now.  paint me pink and stick me up a flagpole
if you wish.

after writing all this, i now really see why the little story ought not to
have been posted at all.  it doesn't have anything to do with pumping, it's
far too political, and like some other threads, it's going to get really
annoying really fast.

so yeah, i think the story was out of line, and that some of the posts
following it up were out of line, including the person who told ellie to
"get a grip, take a pill...".  politeness costs us nothing.

liz - left-wing pumper up in canada
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