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Re: [IP] Just need to vent a little

I've either had diabetes or been diabetic almost  twice as long as you have
and I get sick of it all the time.  I was sixteen when diagnosed.  How about
going to Jhan's, an ice cream parlor in Brooklyn after Junior Achievment
with all your friends and drinking coffee while they at a Kitchen Sink (37
scoops of every flavor).  FIND A DIFFERENT DOCTOR!!! Mine is extremely
encouraging.  When I ask him what I did wrong, he says Nothing!!! You're at
the mercy of a chronic, unpredictable disease.  Let's work with it.

Good Luck
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> Hi all, today I am using this list to vent a little (maybe a lot) and I
> apologize upfront in case I offend anyone.  But, after 20+ years of having
> diabetes and/or being diabetic (sorry I couldn't resist) I'm SICK of it!
> Don't you ever get tired of pricking your fingers?  So far today (it's 4pm
> I got up at 10am) I have checked it 6 times, why? because it's high, why?
> knows.  I'm convinced it has a mind of it's own.  Don't you ever get tired
> going to the Doctor and being really proud of your BG levels only to get
> "knock down" because they aren't good enough.  When my last  A1C was 7, I
> ecstatic since the one before was 9.1... BUT 7 isn't good enough, it
should be
> under 6.  My LDL cholesterol was 107 and that's not good enough, it should
> under 100, watch my diet more carefully.  My blood pressure was 126/90 and
> that was too high, I need to increase my blood pressure meds.  (I guess he
> didn't realize that maybe it was high because he was being a butt).  My 24
> hour urine test (gee that was fun, I couldn't leave the house unless I
took my
> pee bottle with me) needs to be repeated since it showed microalbumin (sp)
> that's not good enough.  Got on me again about smoking (I know, I know, I
> shouldn't smoke BUT I do and until someone finds a magic pill to help me
> I will continue to smoke because I am addicted to cigarettes and cannot
> to be around myself let alone anyone's else when I try to quit)  Bought a
> dress the other day and I FORGOT about my pump and have no place to hook
> darn thing so now I'll have to return it (those thigh things don't work
> me).  Had toe nails removed 2 months ago and this morning I stubbed one of
> them, hurt so bad I thought I would cry.  I guess I'm just having a bad
> today and I only hope that tomorrow it gets better.  Thank you for
allowing me
> to vent.  I go off on my boyfriend all the time about the little things
> go with diabetes and he just doesn't understand so I thought maybe I would
> tell someone who does.
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