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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #694

>Re: [IP] The Way It Is

I just loved your story, partly because it is so very true and partly 
because I have been there, am there and will probably be there from time to 
time before I die(unless I win the lottery, LOL, I don't even gamble or play 
the lottery, I can't afford it)  I'm uninsured, unemployed and one of those 
people who are told "we don't help people like you", by the powers that be.  
However, I have learned through my trials and tribulations that both Eli 
Lilly (Humilog) and Squibb (Novolog) have patient assistance programs 
available that allow them to send you some free insulin, if you need, just 
ask your Dr for the forms, it takes between 2 weeks and 1 1/2 months to get 
your insulin, depending on which company's insulin you use.  The ADA is not 
much help, they say they don't usually help charity cases, but contact them 
anyway, because if the have received any donations or had a class or 
training seminar, they sometimes have extra supplies or meds that they will 
pass on to you.  Ask you Dr and/or CDE for help, they get samples (both meds 
and supplies) from their reps all the time and some Drs will even ask for 
extras if they have a patient(s) that need help, this can even includes the 
test strips.  And last but not least, some people on this IP came to my 
rescue late spring/early summer and sent me some supplies, which I am so 
thankful for and God bless all those who could help, so, I have some 
supplies I could possibly help you out with, if you want!  If so, please 
email me.
I hope some or all of this helps, Good luck!

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