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[IP] Just need to vent a little

Hi all, today I am using this list to vent a little (maybe a lot) and I will
apologize upfront in case I offend anyone.  But, after 20+ years of having
diabetes and/or being diabetic (sorry I couldn't resist) I'm SICK of it!
Don't you ever get tired of pricking your fingers?  So far today (it's 4pm and
I got up at 10am) I have checked it 6 times, why? because it's high, why? who
knows.  I'm convinced it has a mind of it's own.  Don't you ever get tired of
going to the Doctor and being really proud of your BG levels only to get
"knock down" because they aren't good enough.  When my last  A1C was 7, I was
ecstatic since the one before was 9.1... BUT 7 isn't good enough, it should be
under 6.  My LDL cholesterol was 107 and that's not good enough, it should be
under 100, watch my diet more carefully.  My blood pressure was 126/90 and
that was too high, I need to increase my blood pressure meds.  (I guess he
didn't realize that maybe it was high because he was being a butt).  My 24
hour urine test (gee that was fun, I couldn't leave the house unless I took my
pee bottle with me) needs to be repeated since it showed microalbumin (sp) so
that's not good enough.  Got on me again about smoking (I know, I know, I
shouldn't smoke BUT I do and until someone finds a magic pill to help me quit
I will continue to smoke because I am addicted to cigarettes and cannot stand
to be around myself let alone anyone's else when I try to quit)  Bought a new
dress the other day and I FORGOT about my pump and have no place to hook the
darn thing so now I'll have to return it (those thigh things don't work for
me).  Had toe nails removed 2 months ago and this morning I stubbed one of
them, hurt so bad I thought I would cry.  I guess I'm just having a bad day
today and I only hope that tomorrow it gets better.  Thank you for allowing me
to vent.  I go off on my boyfriend all the time about the little things that
go with diabetes and he just doesn't understand so I thought maybe I would
tell someone who does.
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