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Re: [IP] Gusher

>Well I went on the pump in May of 2000 at I must atmit I was not a beliver
>in Gushers. I had the idea I would never have such a thinghappen to me. Not
>worry 2 paper towel's later the leak stopped  Roger C (dx 12/1/47 pm
>still draging my hockey puck in tow.

Tom Beatson replied:
>>For those who aren't familiar with Roger's history, that must have been
his first gusher in almost 55 years of insulin therapy. I haven't kept track
of how many I've had (not very many).>>

Well, Tom and Roger, I sure don't want to jinx this, but in 52 years of
insulin therapy (19 pumping), I haven't had a gusher - yet. I have squirted
blood out my needle holes in my Gortex graft upon removal during dialysis,
however. (~_^)

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