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[IP] Scary lows in the night

Subject: Re: [IP] Scary low last night

I woke my husband up (he keeps the glucose tabs on his nightstand) and told
him I needed some glucose tabs.  He thought I was talking in my sleep so he
didn't take me seriously, until he reached over and felt my leg.

In your defense about your husband touching your leg. Before when I was on
MDI-I would have a low around 2 AM, my husband would always wake up and shake
me to see if I was OK-sometimes I would have "a feeling that he was touching
me" he said he was seeing if I was sweaty. He knew too that I would be
dreaming weird dreams and be sweaty and frightened, asking him stupid things
that were in my dream-I thought they were real but made no sense at all!
Sometimes I was so low that I needed assistance walking to the kitchen and
just stand there aimlessly.
Since pumping I get lows but they are at the lesser intensity, I just wake up
to weird dreams and keep it to myself then get some juice. I am thankful that
I have a better awareness threshold and that the LBS isn't as bad as it was
before. SharonB
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