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Re: [IP] Diabetic plans to walk to south pole to raise money

 Tammy wrote:

"...When your son gives his report and mentions the person has diabetes, it gives people the impression that if you can do something this magnificent and adventurous, etc., that diabetes must not be that limiting or that serious of a disease.  I mean, this is one person out of a million doing this.  But the kids won't stop to think about that - they'll just get the message that a diabetic can do anything - and they can't.  Let's face it.  This guy's going to have numerous problems a person without diabetes doesn't have to give a 2nd thought to.  I'm sure he's taken all kinds of precautions so his insulin won't freeze, extra carbs, extra diabetic supplies, etc., but he has to give much, much more thought and deliberation into making this walk than a non-diabetic..."

Here is where the student can do much more than merely mention the adventurer has diabetes.  This is a real opportunity to educate others (including the teacher!).  The student can put himself in the trekker's shoes, and relate to his classmates his own answers to questions such as: "What are the potential problems?", "What are the precautions?", "Why is this so extroardinary?", all the things above and beyond what a non-diabetic never has to consider.  Contrast the diabetic's preparations and risks to a non-diabetic.  I would hope that those hearing the answers to such questions would be stunned, or at least be in awe, of this adventurer.

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