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[IP] Lifescan customer service

Eight days after my pump breaking down and having such a good experience 
getting another one, yesterday my blood glucose meter quit on me.
What is going on with that??  Just weird.
Anyway, I called Lifescan (I have a onetouch ultra) at about 10:30am 
Thursday, expecting to not get any help from them because of all the bad 
things I've heard people have experienced on this list.
Boy, was I surprised!  My meter had an Error 2 message, it was mechanical 
problem with the pump.  The guy on the phone asked a lot of weird questions, 
like, did getting this error 2 message result in your having to go to the 
emergency room or be admitted to the hospital.  Well, no, I just told you 
that it just now didn't work, 2 minutes ago and I called you immediately.
Next he asked me if I was using my backup meter now.  I said, what backup 
meter?  I can't afford to buy 2 of these things!  He asked how often I used 
the meter and I told him 7-10 times a day.  He told me the battery in it 
should last a year if it's used 2x a day.  I told him I have a pump and no 
way could I keep it to 2x a day.  
Ultras were backordered but since I am a pumper and needed one right away he 
sent me a complete new package with all the stuff, the case, etc.  He 
overnighted it.  He also told me that since I am a pumper he was going to 
send me a one-time complimentary one touch meter to save in case this 
happened again.  That really surprised me.  I thought this company never ever 
gave away freebie meters.
He was very nice and helpful.  Also he helped me to figure out where to get 
another meter to borrow to get me thru until my new one came.  I called my 
local hospital's diabetes office and they loaned me one.  I picked it up 15 
minutes later.
Oh, my new meter was here at 9am this morning.

I'd rather have nothing go wrong with my diabetes essential equipment but I 
am so thankful for the good help I got from these companies.

Faith and Sweetie Pie my sweet blue dtron
diabetic 21+ years and happy to be here
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