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Re: [IP] Grabby Door Knobs

    Ya gotta watch out for 108 Lab/Mastiff mutts too! It was like a Matrix
moment when I came home from work (I was seeing everything in that special
effects slo-mo). I managed through my super powers (sheer luck) to keep the
set from being pulled out.
    My wife tells me that they just love me. I tell her that they love me
with salt and ketchup. Actually they are great mutts. All 216 total pounds
of them.
Cody S. Alderson
----- Original Message -----
> ATENTION ALL PUMPERS. Watch out for grabby >door knobs that reach out and
grab the infusion tubing >and hold on to it till the infusion is pulled out.
> are usually round brass in color but do come in other >shapes and colors.
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