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Re: [IP] getting discouraged

In a message dated 10/11/02 11:01:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> .
> I'm having an especially hard time with breakfast. For years I've eaten the
> same breakfast - a bowl of cheerios (1.5 cups), milk (1 cup), and two
> tablespoons of Metamucil. This is 56 carbs. My breakfast ratio is 1:9, 
> which
> means I bolus 6.2 units of Novolog. Same breakfast everyday, same bolus
> everyday, but my 2 hour pp will run anywhere from 135 to 225.
> I've tried square wave (got a 225); I've tried Dual wave 60%/40% (got a
> 135); I've tried normal bolus (get results anywhere between the two). My
> basal rates are set correctly based on all of my fasting tests. Here they
> are: 

     Could your bolus ratio need to be changed?  I have a different bolus 
ratio for breakfast and dinner than I do for lunch, as I tried to increase my 
basal ( with my nurse's advice), but had a problem with lows, and this works 
for me.  Have you brought this to your Dr.'s attention?  YMMV.
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