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Re: [IP] Starting on the pump

When I started on the pump after a two year break I was worried about getting 
low when I was out driving ... still am. Here is my solution. I carry juice 
boxes in my purse, in my car as well as glucose tabs. I test before I get in 
the car (such a pain, but I have caught lows thankfully before I was on the 
road) and if I am in the car for a while I test while driving. I have the One 
Touch Ultra so I test at stop lights ... its great because I get my number 
while either still stopped or just as the light turns green. The key to all 
this is test often. Just like my Mom and the thousand's of moms of diabetics 
you are going to worry. That is natural. It just shows your love. Everyone 
figures out what works best for them. I have tested myself while at stop 
lights and have been in the 70s so I now to take out the juice (works better 
for me then to glucose tabs) and stop to make sure I don't drop any lower.
Best of Luck,

dxd age 7 1988 pump 1992-2000 506/507   paradigm 8/12/02
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