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[IP] Doggy-betics

Many of you know I have a little Pomeranian who is a type 1 diabetic.  I
usually give him 2 shots of NPH per day.

Well, I was setting out my stuff to fill cartridges for my pump.  This time,
I got Novolog Penfill carts as my CDE didn't have the usual vials.  As my
insurance won't cover Novolog, she gives me Novolog and I give her the
Humalog, which  my insurance DOES pay for.  I use these cartridges -albeit
with NPH- for the dog's NovoPen.

So, here's everything set up for a cartridge filling session and this
little, black Pommie comes over, his whole backside wagging to h*** and
back, and he is whining.  He is happier than heck thinking it is shot time
for him!

I'll let you visualize the crestfallen look when I said: "This is for human
'betics, not doggy betics......" I put the filled cartridges away and he
looked at me like "Thanks for nuthin'!"..... HE gets HIS shot in a little
while.  Bless his little heart!

--Mean ol' Pommy Mommy...!

Jenny Sutherland
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