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Re: [IP]Diabetic plans to walk to south pole to raise money

On 10/11/02 4:05 PM, "email @ redacted"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> Here is my problem with the response below. I have been a T1 for 33 out of
> 35yrs. I was raised to believe that Diabetes should not limit the goals
> that I have in my life. It should be a consideration though while planning

You would never get this Texas boy in a place that cold.  But I have a
different problem with the other part of the Reply:

> Also, while I at it - I don't like the message the Am. Diabetes Assn puts out
> that "you may have diabetes and not know it".  Again, people think - well, it
> can't be THAT bad if you can have it and not KNOW it.  As we all know, when
> our children are diagnosed, we know it within days OR THEY'RE DEAD!  Two of
> mine almost were.  So they need to get a new slogan - what they're talking
> about, I'm sure, is TYPE II, - they kind that can be PREVENTED!

Who says that ALL TYPE II can be PREVENTED???   Well honey, you're the one
that has been "misled".   As I grew up I had that presumption that Type I
was the "serious disease" and Type II was just a result of being overweight.
Boy was I WRONG!!!   Don't ever think that being Type II is a "piece of
cake"  In ways, we Type I's have it easy.   We fairly well know what to
expect.  I don9t think many Type II's can say that.

And I went for months before I was diagnosed.  Children used to live for
years after they were diagnosed and that was before the discovery of
insulin.  Sure there have been children to pass away quickly, just as there
have been adults.  But Type II is JUST as deadly a disease as Type I.  Now
as to the reason we aren't getting more Research Funds, don't lay that on
ADA or Type II's or even Type I's that walk to the South Pole.  If I wasn't
so warm and happy where I am, maybe I'd get off my butt and go walking with
him.   I say  MORE  POWER  TO  HIM.   Diabetics, Type I and Type II, CAN  DO
ANYTHING they want!!!   And don't you dare try to Stop us!   BE  LOUD,  BE

(off the soap box)
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