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[IP] What to Do When Endo Wont Listen

Hi All: I see my Endo this next week for my three or four month checkup. I
have been working with my Educator every three weeks for about three months,
trying to get my averages down. I have tested basals, tested bolus, made
changes, counted carbs closer and most important I have been really good about
not forgetting to bolus! I still cant make a change. I know there are others
of you who have the same problem, A1C's that just dont budge.  If I was being
rewarded for being constant, my A1C would win the prize.  It rarely goes below
9. (Btw, I also set up two profiles for PMS and monthly low week and hubby and
I are walking every evening.)
I had come down in the numbers a couple weeks ago, and then a run in with
stomach flu (a whole week worth of flu and a bad site) has caused the numbers
to go back up.  The Endo will say, "Go work on it" which I am doing.  The
Educator and I are trying and have agree that with my hypo unawareness, a nice
7 A1C would be just swell.
Frankly, all he is going to do is say the usual and when the test results are
not that good he will shrug his shoulders and say "work on it."

I guess my question is is there any reason I could be having these problems,
or anything I can do to figure things out better?  No one has offered to use a
Continuous glucose monitor on me, but then again my own record keeping just
shows such discrepancy anyway.  I'm one who can eat the same thing twice,
bolus the same and not even be close! And with some foods (like pasta) if I
bolus according to carb count I will be very very low in record time.

I'm kind of running out of ideas (can you tell????).
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