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[IP] Scary low last night

My hsuband and I had dinner quite late last night (about 9pm) and I checked 
my BG when we got home.  It was 174 at 9:30, waited a few hours, had a small 
snack (Nutrigrain Bar) and some juice and went to bed about midnight.

At 2am I woke up with the sweats and knew instantly that I was having a 
severe hypo.  I woke my husband up (he keeps the glucose tabs on his 
nightstand) and told him I needed some glucose tabs.  He thought I was 
talking in my sleep so he didn't take me seriously, until he reached over and 
felt my leg.  Then he shot in to action and starting shoving them down my 
throat.  I ate 8 of them and then tested (about 10 miuntes later) and it was 
63.  I then got up and had some plain doughnuts and some apple cider.  Woke 
up this morning a little high, but that was to be expected.

I say it was a scary low, because I usually do NOT remember when I have that 
severe of a hypo.  I remember everything about it.  Now I can truly say I 
rememer being goofey when I am low!!!  Guess I can't blame that on the blonde 

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