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[IP] getting discouraged

Hey fellow pumpers,

I've been pumping a little over two months now and I've got to say that I'm
feeling a little defeated and discouraged. My numbers just don't seem to be
as good as I'd hoped they'd be after going on the pump.

I'm having an especially hard time with breakfast. For years I've eaten the
same breakfast - a bowl of cheerios (1.5 cups), milk (1 cup), and two
tablespoons of Metamucil. This is 56 carbs. My breakfast ratio is 1:9, which
means I bolus 6.2 units of Novolog. Same breakfast everyday, same bolus
everyday, but my 2 hour pp will run anywhere from 135 to 225.

I've tried square wave (got a 225); I've tried Dual wave 60%/40% (got a
135); I've tried normal bolus (get results anywhere between the two). My
basal rates are set correctly based on all of my fasting tests. Here they

12am - .5u
3am - 1.3u
6am - 1.1u
9am - .5u
5pm - .7u

What am I doing wrong? What's so frustrating about this is that I NEVER had
problems covering breakfast (same breakfast) on MDI. And to make things even
more bizarre, on the weekends my numbers after breakfast are usually perfect
(between 95 and 120). My wife says it's the stress of going to work. I don't
feel STRESSED before going to work, but I suppose there is always a certain
amount, perhaps, beneath the surface. But even so, I don't see that that
would account for such a wide fluctuation of readings during the week (one
day, 135; the next day, 225???). I just don't get it.

My A1c on MDI was around 5.5 consistently. I don't even want to think about
what it is now that I'm on a pump. I thought it would be the other way
around. I'm getting discouraged here. 

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Keith G. 
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