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[IP] I started pumping 10/10/02

Hi Folks,
    Well, I hooked up at 10:30 AM on 10/10/02. It was easy as falling off of
that proverbial log. My CDE told me that it was the easiest pump start she
ever had. Congratulations on the ease of start has to go in part to you guys
and gals at IP. I thank you all very much indeed.
    My first day I was expecting to be low and I was. I had to keep eating a
few grams of carbs because I kept dropping to the 50's and 60's. Today is much
better. I haven't taken the time to figure out the hows and whys of first day
lows on the pump, but my CDE said that it is expected in most cases.
    The insertion of the Quickset was easy but reconnect is troublesome
because of the small size of the set. I have noticed in many posts that people
talk about lightly holding the tabs when reconnecting a quickset. In the
MiniMed workbook it says not to hold the disconnect tabs when reconnecting the
Quickset because you won't hear the click. However, grabbing the Quickset in
another spot is difficult. The plastic is smooth and difficult to hold. And
with the low profile it makes it even harder to grip. It took me a few seconds
but I got it reconnected.
    Hey, I have this great idea on improving the design of the Quickset but I
don't want to just give it away. Hey MiniMed call me we'll do lunch! <grin>.
    I am proud to be an official pumper. Now I'm going to work on being a
diabetes advocate/activist. How do I get started?

Cody S. Alderson
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