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Re: [IP] Infusion sites for babies/toddlers (was Re: TOES )

When Erica first started pumping at 10, she was quite a bit thinner than she
is now.  We used her back, butt, and belly.  We were using the silhouette at
that time and it would neatly slip in under the skin at a very shallow depth.

Erica now uses the Quickset exclusively, and uses her belly and butt.  Her
butt is the most comfortable place for her & those sites lasts longer than her
belly sites.

When using Erica's back (4 yrs ago), I found that with the silhouette the site
was more successful if I followed the natural *flow* of her skin.  This is
hard to explain.  When I pinched her skin for an insertion we would never end
up with a site that ran horizontal to her waistline.   It would always point
upwards towards the spine. Am I making any sense?  We have never used the
Quickset in the back.

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