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Re: [IP] Re The Law is an ass....


You make an excellent point.  If the amount of groceries that was allegedly
stolen amounts to a felony, then this person would have had to have also
stolen a lot of bags to put the stolen groceries in and packd it all up in
plain sight of other shoppers.

Add to that the use of security cameras such as the one used to arrest the
woman who smacked her kid in a parking lot, and you have (or should have)
all the evidence you need.

I'm beginning to think we were scammed on this one.

(who's willing to admit to being gullible on ocassion!)

> And I suppose this store doesn't have surveillance cameras and the court
> could subpoena for the video? Just a thought, but if the groceries were
> indeed in bags and she was out and at her car, they were most likely
> and paid for at the check out.
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