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RE: [IP] High blood sugar and DKA

Since you have been on the pump

1. having less  BS above 250 - At first NO, but YES now (after being on the
pump almost 9 months)

2. More BS above 250 - At first YES, free to eat, eat, eat!	

3. When BS above 250  it is usually due to what event
	skin/site infection - NO
      missed insulin - YES (bubbles in tubing)
      incorrectly calculated insulin/CHO ration - YES (majority of the time)
      illness - NO
       other: please list
4.  Have had no episodes of DKA - yes, 1
5.  Had my first episode of DKA after being on the pump: state why - yes,
combination of missed insulin & calculation of CHO
6.  Having more episodes of DKA since being on the pump: state why - my
first DKA with pump
7.  How do you treat your elevated blood sugar - correction bolus, check 1
hr later
8.  How do you prevent it from happening again - better calculation of CHO
9.  Have you had DKA severe enough to be hospitalized since being on the 
pump, if yes did you ever get admitted to hospital when on injections for
DKA - admitted for 1 night (only while on pump, never once on injections)
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