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[IP] Re The Law - HELP

> She has deteriorated drastically because of the stress.  So, if anyone can
> answer my questions and maybe give me a heads up about the law and ADA, it
> would help a lot.  Otherwise this little girl faces a felony for the rest
> her life and possibly  over a year in jail.

My concern is that she was going to *drive*? If things don't go her way, I'm
going to presume her license will be yanked if she's as bad off as
indicated. A person like that could be very dangerous on the roads - to
herself and others.

I agree with the surveillence cameras, as well as wearing a medical ID,
groceries in bags, checking all 15 registers' *history* for that period of
time, and would there have been witnesses who were in line after her to
verify she indeed did go through the checkout?

It seems rather presumptious to think she'd gather bags to put unpaid-for
groceries in and not be detected by someone. Those bags are stored at the
ends of the checkouts.

A 45-minute walk back to her car could have been dangerous for anyone - what
about a possible mugging? Would the police be liable for that if letting her
go and not providing for her safety? It's not always wise to allow a woman
to walk alone that long. They surely knew how far away her vehicle was. IMHO
they should have made sure she was safely returned to her car.

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