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Re: [IP] Diabetes and the Legal System...HELP!

Two things:  was she wearing a medical ID tag of some sort at the time of 
this incident?  If the officers knew she was diabetic and there was a chance 
of an ongoing diabetes related medical incident WHY did they 1) not take her 
to where she could get medical treatment, and 2) WHY WHY WHY did they make 
her WALK back to her car.  That in itself is a liable offense.  She could 
have gone into a seizure while walking and then worrying about a silly 
grocery bill would have been the least of the police department's worries at 
that point.

Legal action is DEFINATELY warranted on her part and the ADA should be more 
than willing to assist.  As one person suggested getting the help from the 
media will greatly help this situation as well.  This could have been any one 
of us or our children who have lost touch with reality sort of speak due to a 
hypo and to then be put into the situation she was in would be totally 

Is the store a new shopping spot for her or does she shop there often?  She 
needs to try and work out the 'crime' with the store manager.  A letter from 
her MD should suffice for that as for explaining any and all of her medical 
conditions.  But there is still the matter of what the police put her through 
and that horrible WALK back to her car!!!  That their are definately liable 
for and should be called on the carpet for!!!  If not for money then atleast 
for the exposure and possibly the lesson learned by the law enforcement 
community to look at the possibility of a medical condition playing into 
strange behavior from someone who obviously has no criminal record!!!!

My two cents worth!

mom to Joshua
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