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[IP] RE: "diabetic" vs. "a diabetic" my final word

As requested I will stop responding on this topic for the time being.
Perhaps members of either side of this argument can register to get lives
somewhere on-line. :)

First I have some unfinished business.

Apologies all around for my use of creditability when I meant
 credibility - I plead being asleep at the wheel with an evil spell

I also used denotation when I meant connotation.  I am sorry for any
flashbacks to English classes I caused.

I have yet to see an explanation from the a diabetic is just fine side
explaining why _Diabetes Forecast_ avoids that usage.  Please e-mail me
privately if anyone can figure it out.

Likewise, I havent seen an explanation for why modern chronic diseases
(AIDS, lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, et al) dont have nouns for
those that labor under the burden of those conditions.  Sorry, I just dont
accept the concept that these diseases cannot be formed into nouns.  Humans
are much too creative to let that be a barrier.  Again a private email would
be enlightening.

Sorry for those that took offense & saw this as a waste of bandwidth.  I
just hope I raised the consciousness of a few unaware of this as a potential

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