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[IP] FW: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"
>From: email @ redacted
>Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 08:30:10 EDT

>I thought long and hard about sharing this with the group, but I decided
>I was going to. Matt, I apologize, but you set yourself up for this. I
>received several emails from various group members commending me for the
>email I sent regarding this issue. So if I am paranoid about being
>then I guess there are others as well.

<big snip>

What I saw as paranoia was your feeling you were attacked. I stated what is
a fact for me.  If you use diabetes as a noun you carry less creditability
in my eyes.  I was trying to make the point that most of us want our
messages read, understood, and agreed with.  Offending part of your audience
may not be the best way to achieve this.  When you offend your audience you
lose creditability.  No attack as far as I am concerned, just an unfortunate

Let me give you two examples:

Example 1:

Disetronic pumps = much good. Paradigm holds 1/2 insulin stuff of D!!!!!!
Disetronic RULES!!!!!!!!!!

Example 2

I prefer the Paradigm over the D-tron and H-tron pumps.  I find the remote
control for the bolus to be very convenient as I can wear my pump under my
clothes.  The remote is also helpful for the parents of very young pumper
users that may be otherwise tempted to "play" with it.

Both examples present valid cases.  Which is more credible?  Which is more
concise?  I personally prefer the second.  If that is viewed as an attack on
those that prefer the first I did not intend that.  To read that as an
"attack" is paranoia in my opinion. YMMV

If you re-read my private note to you, I did ask several questions that you
chose to ignore.  Why?

Finally, you will find most netiquette guides recommend asking permission
before public ally quoting a private email, not to mention the concerns of
intellectual property lawyers. In this case I would have happily done so,
but in the future I would recommend you respect my rights.


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