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[IP] Re: Diabetes and the Legal System...HELP!

Although I don't have any legal expertise, a couple thoughts come 
to mind:

You said the total of the groceries in her cart didn't match anything 
on the register she "thought" she went through.  Did they check all 
the other registers as well?  If she did pay for the groceries, that 
total (and the itemized list of what she bought) should be on one of 

This may be a silly question, but were her groceries in store bags?  
If so, to me that would seem to be a strong indication that she DID 
go through a line and pay.

Even if it turns out she (inadvertently) didn't pay, perhaps the store 
could be persuaded to drop the charges?  It seems pretty clear 
from what you've told us that she wasn't *intending* to shoplift, and 
the store got everything back, so it didn't lose anything.  I see very 
little benefit (to the store or anyone else) in prosecuting her.

If the store won't listen to reason and is determined to prosecute 
her, perhaps some local media coverage of the situation might 
change their mind?  (if she would be amenable to that).  

As for the officer who wouldn't allow her to eat glucose tabs while 
low -- although again I don't have any legal expertise, I think she 
should look into filing a complaint.  If he couldn't let her eat her own 
glucose tab, he had a responsibility to find her something else 
sugary to eat.  He put her in serious danger by refusing to allow her 
to treat her low.  Did this happen in the store parking lot or at the 
police station?  If it happened at the police station, does that mean 
she walked 45 minutes back to her car w/ a bg (by the time she 
got there) of 24??  Yikes!  I'm glad she made it okay!

I hope everything turns out okay for her!  Your concern for your 
patients is wonderful.

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