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[IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

>You guys can call yourselves whatever you wish, but I think you should 
>aware that it does offend some others.  If I can easily choose to not 
>offend someone else that is the way I go.  I was told by several 
friends who
>have diabetes (or several friends who are diabetic) that they were 
>by this term - before my son was even diagnosed.  I respected it then 
and I
>respect it now.

First of all, to truly OFFEND someone (taken from the word "offense"), 
someone would have to have the intent to offend.  If someone 
is "offended" by the PROPER use of the term diabetic, that is NOT the 
problem of the speaker/writer...it is the problem of the listener.  

If I KNOW that someone is offended by a term, but use it without regard 
to their feelings (or with the intent to offend them), that is then my 
problem.  But, I use the term diabetic with NO offensive intent.  I use 
it properly not only according to modern dictionaries, but also medical 
dictionaries that I referred to.  

If you are offended by being called "diabetic", that really is 
something that you, individually, need to get over.  The world 
shouldn't have to change.  I still do NOT see the difference in whether 
I'm called "a diabetic", "diabetic", "a person with diabetes", "a 
diabetic person", etc.  None of those terms carry any difference in 
definition, nor any intent to be offensive.  If you don't like 
being "labeled" diabetic...well, take that issue up with your 
disease...the DISEASE has labeled you (and me) as diabetic, not 
people's choice of words.

I am a diabetic.  I am also a father.  I'm also a Christian.  I'm also 
a musician.  I'm also a husband.  I'm also an engineer.  I'm also a 
friend. I'm also many other things with "labels".  Labels are NOT 
pigeon holes.  They are just a way to refer to a certain category of 
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