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Re: [IP] Attendance at school.

Hi Barbara,

Hormones......HATE THEM!

I guess I am just writing to let you know that although we have been fortunate
in so many respects as far as Erica's schooling (she is now 14, pumping since
10) I do understand how stress & growth hormones can send things reeling & I
wish I had some great insight to offer.  Having diabetes is difficult enough
without illness and life's stresses which seem to attack when we are most
vulnerable. Thankfully we haven't come across anything *yet* that has been a
huge stumbling block at the schools Erica has attended since she began
pumping. It appears you have handled the administration woes to a satisfactory
conclusion, but illness is preventing you from seeing the fruits of your labor
and Zachary's effort.  How frustrating....poor Zach :(

As far as school woes are concerned, Zach is not an exception to the rule. I
am sure you will receive plenty of confirmation on that issue!   Even if
diabetes were not in the equation many teens struggle with their emotional and
physical growth.  It is so difficult to know what to do & when to do
it..arrrggh.  My experience is with hormonal girls <g>, and it was at times
when they were most *horrible* that they needed the hugs most.  Hang in
there.....and good luck..


Barb Chafe
Insulin Pumpers Nova Scotia
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