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[IP] "Is This a Breakthrough" (DAFNE Study)

My solution to this study "breakthrough" was to access the British Medical
Journal on www.bmj.com go to the article and send a response / complaint.
I've included my email, hoping others may add their voices  .....

Dear BMJ,
I am amazed (and disappointed) that such basics as Flexible Delivery of
Insulin via more injections is being "touted" as a "breakthrough" by the
BMJ, the BBC and Diabetes UK.  Whilst taking more / finely tuned injections
will allow more flexible eating, how many MORE INJECTIONS will it require ?
(On MDI I injected 4 times per day, so for flexibilty how many injections
would I need ... 6,7 8 injections) ?  How many injections would the DAFNE
researchers be happy taking every day ?  How would I take .3u of Insulin for
a small carbohydrate addition ?  Account for delayed fat absorption in some
foods or adjust for "Dawn Phenomenon" ?

The point I am making, is that the technology for a healthier more flexible
life with Insulin Dependent Diabetes already exists ... it's called an
INSULIN PUMP.  A small computerised pump with infusion line, which provides
a tiny constant supply of Insulin to the body.  The ability to vary Insulin
doses across the day (in doses as small as.05 of a unit); adjust for "Dawn
Phenomenon"; flexibitity to vary Insulin doses for exercise /stress /
illness.  Once Basal Insulin doses are adjusted, the ability to eat flexibly
"like everyone else"... skip meals or eat late.

After 32 years of Insulin injections, I moved to an Insulin Pump in October
2001.  Have any DAFNE researchers experienced actually "feeling hungry" and
not "eating to Insulin Injection requirements" ? To feel the increased
levels of health and well being from generally normal BG levels ?  A
healthier and more flexible life already exists (without additional
injections or adjusting food intake to the nearest 1u of Insulin in a
syringe).  For further information I recommend www.insulin-pumpers.org/
which supports Pump Users and has a UK Chapter.

Some 1300 Britains are currently using Insulin Pumps, with numbers
continuing to grow.  In Australia, I know of people from 3 to 80 years who
are using Insulin Pumps to improve the quality and flexibilty of their
lives.  In the US and
Europe the number of people using Insulin Pump Therapy runs from tens of
thousands, to hundreds of thousands.  We simply want good (or better health)
until a cure is found.

Kind Regards and good health to you,

Janette Dunn
T1 33 Years
Insulin Pump 10/01 (Animas)
Hoping to be healthy enough for "the cure' one day.
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