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[IP] Re: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

>I'll throw in here that the subject line that was originated by the 
>originator should have said *a diabetic* vs. *a person with diabetes*. 
>Is he saying it is not okay to say, "I am a diabetic" but it is okay to say 
>"I am diabetic?" Is there a big hairy difference? 

Interesting how much passion this topic has generated on both sides!

As for "diabetic" (adjective) vs. "a diabetic" (noun), I think there is a 
difference.  To me, the former feels a lot less like a "label" than the latter.  
When telling people about my medical condition, I usually say either "I'm 
diabetic" or "I have diabetes".  I don't think I've ever said "I'm a diabetic".  I 
don't find it deeply offensive or anything, but I guess I don't especially care 
for it either.  

And in the plural form, "people with diabetes" really isn't THAT much longer 
or more awkward than "diabetics"!  We're talking a couple extra syallables 
here, and it does usually sound more respectful, so I think it's worth it.

Additionally, I think part of the reason some of us might cringe at the term 
"diabetics" is that most statements about "diabetics" tend to be vast 
overgeneralizations (or else totally inaccurate),  i.e., "diabetics shouldn't 
eat/do this or that", etc.  True, in this case the problem is with the 
inaccurate statement itself, not the term used, but that's the context the 
term "diabetics" tends to crop up in.  Most of us have a problem with the 
mentality that all "diabetics" have the same needs, diet, treatment method, 

Anyway, just my view.  Hope it didn't strike anyone as "too PC"!  

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