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Re: [IP] school nurse

 I am happy to report that the 504 committee at Jenny's high school  was
very supportive and wonderful. They approved everything I asked for and
the questions they asked were out of concern and helpfulness. The
district had better get off their buns and hire a nurse soon. I'm on a

Ironically,  the special ed coordinator that is in charge of the school
health clerks is probably paid for by federal funds. They stand to lose
those federal funds if they don't hire or contract  a California
credentialed school nurse, physician, or public health nurse to do the
training for glucagon that is in our 504. I have no doubt that the
coordinator is a very nice conscientious person, but we can't be put on a
back burner any longer.


Michael Robinton wrote:

  On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Kay Guy wrote:    

     It is a California state law that glucagon training has to be conducted
    by a credentialed school nurse.

    We have our 504 meeting Monday and I'm sure that they will make me take
    out the glucagon part of the document. I guess parents do not really have
    much say about the content of 504's. I verified this by checking the 504  

  Quite the contrary. Any reasonable medical requirement is up to you. Note
  the "reasonable". Glucagon is reasonable. The school does not have to like
  it, nor do they have to agree. Their choice is to give up federal funds
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