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Re: [IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"

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From: "Ryan Bruner" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 1:04 PM
Subject: [IP] RE: "a diabetic" vs. "diabetic"
> >That "a diabetic" is a shorter form or less awkward - I seldom find
> this
> >actually the case, though it may be in some situations.
> You seldom do...but I always prefer diabetic to "person with
> diabetes".  I look for conciseness and clarity when writing, NOT PCness.

I never call my son a diabetic and I never say he is a person with diabetes.
I could say "he is diabetic," but I choose to say "he has diabetes."  Just
as concise.  Just as clear.  Just as easy.

You guys can call yourselves whatever you wish, but I think you should be
aware that it does offend some others.  If I can easily choose to not to
offend someone else that is the way I go.  I was told by several friends who
have diabetes (or several friends who are diabetic) that they were offended
by this term - before my son was even diagnosed.  I respected it then and I
respect it now.

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