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Re: [IP] Re:Quick-Set Advice/hints

Since your son is used to using an inserter, that's one hurdle you won't have 
to deal with (I know some kids who started out with manual insertions with 
sils/comforts are bothered by the sound the inserter makes).  My daughter has 
been using Quick-sets with an inserter for 17 months and definitely would not 
consider switching to any of the sets currently available.  Two hints about 
the Quick-Set:  (1) When "cocking" the inserter make sure that both of the 
little white buttons are fully engaged (popped out) and then when you got to 
insert, be sure to press both those buttons FIRMLY IN *at the same time* and 
(2) Disconnecting & reconnecting the Quick-set can take a little practice. be 
sure to read the instructions and try it out when you're not under a time 
crunch.  You do NOT need to squeeze anything, just turn the connector.  
Sometimes it helps if you hold the round adhesive tape still with the fingers 
of one hand while you disconnect with the other.  Once my daugter got the 
feel of it (in just a couple of tries), she could disconnect & reconnect in 
the blink of an eye but I know some people have had a frustrating time with 
this part, so I do recommend practicing it before it's a necessity . . . Good 

Pumpmama to Katie
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