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Re: [IP] Advice for prospective pumper

Sarah wrote:
>>>About self-induced lows.  I do it on MDI too.  Are they easier/harder to
perceive/correct/recover from on pumped insulin?  When I have a strong hypo
I get resistant to insulin for a day,  does this also happen?>>>

I suppose you're like some of us who also ate the entire fridge including
the doors? ;) A mind-adjusstment is crucial here - 15g of fast-acting carbs
and wait 15 min. retest and if no rise treat with another 15g of carbs - but
wait before ingesting more. That's probably why you become insulin
resistant - overtreating and then have a resultant high.

>> Then, about ketones.  Is there a way to test for ketones that gives more
accurate results than ketostix?  I mean, it takes a while making ketones
before you start to excrete them.  And how do you know where you are while
you're waiting.>>

There is a BG meter that also can test blood ketones. Just like when we too
pee tests, the sugar is in the urine after it leaves the blood. I forget
which meter does this, but someone will chime in here with that info. ;)

>> My  copy of "Pumping Insulin " is on order at Amazon.com, and I eagerly
await it.  >>

For others who want it, order from the www.insulin-pumpers.org website and
IP will get a percentage of the sales to keep this list going and the cost
is the same. (~_^)

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