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[IP] Advice for prospective pumper

This is a great list for me (hasn't got my pump yet) for all the experience
and solutions to problems I have been reading about.  At this point, I'm all
questions and not too many answers.

About self-induced lows.  I do it on MDI too.  Are they easier/harder to
perceive/correct/recover from on pumped insulin?  When I have a strong hypo
I get resistant to insulin for a day,  does this also happen?

Then, about ketones.  Is there a way to test for ketones that gives more
accurate results than ketostix?  I mean, it takes a while making ketones
before you start to excrete them.  And how do you know where you are while
you're waiting.

My  copy of "Pumping Insulin " is on order at Amazon.com, and I eagerly
await it.  Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
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