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[IP] Re: Diabetes & School Attendance


When I was in the 8th and 9th grades I used my
diabetes as an excuse to stay home from school.  This
was pre-BG testing, so don't have a clue what my BG

There was nothing that the administration did to make
me uncomfortable - I just didn't like school (I grew
out of that eventually).

Is it possible that Zachary is being picked on by
other kids or is being singled out in some way by
either students or teachers?  My son (NON-D) went
through hell in the 5th grade from being the
scape-goat.  I made him go to school anyway.  Then
when I got the chance I moved him to a different
program in a different school.

Do you have the choice of changing schools?  Or
changing something to help him feel acceptable about
going to school?

The only other person I've heard of not being able to
go to school was a 3-year-old whose mother and
grandmother decided that diabetes was too serious to
allow her child out in public.  Ohhh boy, did I bite
my tongue hard when I heard that from the grandmother.
 (oh - and she also thought it was soooo cool that
eye-lid cells could make insulin... yes, she said
"eye-lid" - I made her repeat it several times!).

Is Zachary in any kind of counseling?  I know how hard
it is for a kid with an LD to feel okay about himself
- add D to that and everything can definitely go


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